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The Odyssey – Pune

The residence, nestled in the heart of Pune, showcases a deliberate departure from the typical urban representation of a home, instead delving into the exploration of authentically Indian design. The design process reflects thoughtful interventions aimed at creating a seamless spatial flow that aligns with the clients’ needs. The home embraces a lucid planning approach that experiments with porosity, allowing spaces to seamlessly connect. Throughout the design journey, a careful curation of archaic and heirloom furniture takes place, incorporating classic patterns inspired by cultural art. The skillful juxtaposition of a grey palette with teak wood, motifs, and an unabashed use of patterns imparts an indigenous charm to the home. This project embraces a timeless experience by evoking a nostalgic ambiance, guided by the expertise of home interior designer Pune.

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1400 sqft. carpet area

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