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The Marshmallow – Bangalore

Anything but minimalist” – Studio TAB’s luxury interior designers in Bangalore Unveil a Colorful, Eclectic Home

 When tasked with designing their new home, a young couple returned to Studio TAB, the architects behind their first home, this time with a five-year-old daughter and Cookie the beagle in tow. The result? A residence that embodies the essence of its residents – quirkiness, fun, boldness, contrasts, and an abundance of colors.


This home is a captivating blend of patterns, textures, and forms, all immersed in a myriad of paint hues yet coexisting harmoniously. Affectionately dubbed ‘The Marshmallow’ by the architects, it’s a testament to the unsparing use of pastels and soft hues. If ever a house could be measured with an epicurean yardstick, this place would leave anyone with a sweet tooth hungry for more.

 Explore Studio TAB’s luxury interior designers in Bangalore and witness the transformation of this vibrant, colorful abode.

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4,800 sqft. carpet area

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