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House on the Rock – Trivandrum

Located in the tropical region of India,The spatial design of the house in Kerala was dictated by the views of the outdoors and minimalistic interiors that speaks of a simple lifestyle of its inhabitants.
The planning revolves around a compact planning proposal where the ratio of built to unbuilt ratio is balanced in such a way that the outdoor spaces stitch into the indoor seamlessly.

The client was desirous on having a house that resonates contemporary style in an area where traditional architecture is seen abundantly. It was imperative to create a stitch wherein we adopt vernacular materials and techniques within a framework of contemporary design.

Local materials like kiln fired bricks are used in the construction. The doors and windows are made using reclaimed local wood.
The interior design is minimalist and richly layered and textured with a prudent mix of local materials. The large spread of Jailsalmer yellow sandstone are colugated with the warmth of wood , stone, concrete walls and the slate flooring tiles. Furniture floats in clean spaces whilst open and closed shelving, indoor plants and art that transforms the space into a home. The design also harmonizes with the functionality of the space, like the incorporation of a rock in the dining table. The rock which has been an integral part of the site has been adopted as a design element within the home too.

The home is an exercise in creating a modern insert within a context layered with traditional architecture and yet maintaining a harmony.

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Project Area: 8000sqft.
Built up area: 4000sqft.

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