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One fateful morning, at a quaint café in the busy streets of colaba, the following dialogue took place:

Rahul: “I am terribly troubled by the typical tendencies trending in the architectural industry. Let’s break those boundaries”

TAB is an award-winning multidisciplinary design practice actively involved in projects in across 20 cities of India. The design studio is actively engaged in architectural design, interior design, brand identity and art installations & product designs.

Here, design is never the mundane. Here every design process involves unlearning the routine nuances and understanding the project environment at micro and macro levels. The drive is to constantly evolve designs by creating a harmonious melange of the built & unbuilt, form & function, synergy & flair.


Rahul Das Menon

Principal architect & Co-founding Partner.

Dark coffee & darker humour.

Ojas Chaudhari

Principal architect & Co-founding Partner.

Health conscious but with 5 course meal.

Tushal Pandey

Senior Project and Lead Architect.

Moral compass, always pointing south.

Jerin Joseph

Senior Design and Lead Architect.

Where every dot joins.

Anisha Shetty

Project Architect.

BTS army's commander in chief.

Jay Pipaliya

Project Architect.

In conversation with himself since 1997.

Aditya Latkar

Brand and Business Head.

TAB's satellite mission.

Richa Gupta

Architect and Art Designer.

The sole survivor in an apocalypse.

Shivanie Khanka


The Eve who gets apples from Adam's days.



Aces of Spaces, Winner Retail 2019

Top 5 residential interior projects at FOAID awards, 2019.

HYBEC, ACETECH Grand stand Hyderabad 2019

Top 3 retail projects at FOAID awards, 2018.

Top 3 retail projects at VEDU awards, 2018.

Top 4 at Grohe NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2016.

TOP 5 residential luxury projects at FOAID awards, 2016.

iGEN Top 50 Emerging Architects by Architect & Interior India.

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