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Śillaka (शिल्लक) – A fine balance – Mumbai

A young couple, who had spent a significant part of their lives in the US, made the decision to return to their native city of Mumbai. Collaborating with interior design services in Mumbai, they embarked on the journey of creating their perfect home. Balancing the husband’s corporate lifestyle spanning time zones and the wife’s artistic pursuits crafting bespoke curios and artworks, their beloved dog, Toki, accompanied them.

Amidst their contrasting personalities and the fusion of US living and a deep appreciation for vernacular design, it was crucial to achieve a space that seamlessly integrated all aspects in perfect harmony. This guiding principle permeates the entire house, where handmade textured tiles harmonize with Italian marble floors, Victorian shutters coexist with cane doors, and muted whites and grays provide a backdrop for vibrant colors to flourish.

The expert touch of interior design services in Mumbai ensures a fine balance, stitching together the diverse spatial requirements and capturing the essence of their journey. The result is a home that encapsulates their unique blend of influences, creating a sanctuary that reflects their individualities and embraces the warmth of their cultural roots.

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1400 sqft. carpet area

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