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Nilaya | निलय | – Mumbai

Amidst the rapidly urbanized & global language to modern homes, comes across one which celebrates vernacular living with much aplomb. A home where simple Indian living is far deep rooted than just mere material applications and aesthetic appeal. Where sleeping is a simple floor bed, bathing is within a natural Indian stone environment using copper bucket and dining & gathering activities are around concrete ledge benches. A home where everything is natural and honest in their truest nature.
The design of this sea-facing home revolves around allowing seamless flow of natural light through the large windows along the complete western facade. This has been achieved by maintaining a decluttered essence of space by rendering furniture to the bare minimum essentials only. This decluttered approach + the beautiful play of sunlight ensures the unbuilt glorifies the built. The white lime textured walls bereft of any paneling are thus a canvas of soft shadows at all times. It’s as if the setting sun is an artist projecting ever changing visuals. 
Transparent glass paneled doors, natural teak wood furniture, generous usage of Indian stones in natural colors and textures are all an ode to the beauty of simple Indian living. 
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2500 sqft. carpet area

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