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N&N Advocates – Mumbai

Located in the historic precinct of horniman circle, this office was earlier an amalgam of 3 offices. we broke open internal walls to bind spaces together within 1 holistic space. considering the seriousness of the legal profession, design parameters needed to have a corporate identity but with a signature touch. a meandering wave light design flowing along the office forming patterns was created using individual glass panels suspended from the ceiling.

The design challenge was not just a spatial one but also an emotional one as the advocate spends close to 16 hours a day within the space. the quality of space thus reflected in his personality. the dynamics of existing space was a combination of 3 dingy rooms. we opened up all unused windows to render light inside. plants & foliage were an integral part of design so as to infuse freshness within the space. the light design became the identity of the office. the client’s comment, “i smile more these days” was an appreciation of a job well done.

Horniman Circle, Mumbai
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4000 sqft carpet area

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