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The Vastu Villa – Bangalore

A luxurious yet functional home was designed for an industrialist family, providing ample space for all activities while avoiding unnecessary clutter. The utmost consideration was given to adhering to Vastu Shastra principles, ensuring complete compliance. Due to local regulations, the house was restricted to a single-story structure.

The client expressed their anticipation of waking up early and strolling through the house, observing the interplay of sunlight in the courtyard and the enchanting response of the plumeria tree. Returning from work, the home offers a serene and calming ambiance, with soothing light and shadows. Rather than relying on standout elements, the beauty of the house lies in the unfolding spatial experiences each day. The hero of the house is the space itself, inviting an experiential journey.

With the expertise of luxury interior designers in Bangalore, this vision was brought to life, creating a harmonious and refined living environment. The design embodies elegance, functionality, and a deep connection with nature, providing the family with a sanctuary to cherish.

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Area: 4000 sqft built up. Plot area: 9000 sqft.

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