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The Vastu Villa – Bangalore

A luxurious and yet a manageable home for an industrialist family. a house wherein there’s space for everyone and every activity and yet no unnecessary space which would end up gathering clutter.

More importantly, the client wanted a home that is completely compliant as per vastu shastra norms. the house needed to be restricted to a ground storey building only due to the region’s bye-laws.

The client says,” i look forward to waking up early and walk around the house just to witness the play of sunlight through the courtyard and way the plumeria tree responds to the first light. i look forward to returning home from work as the home gives me a sense of calmness and serenity. the play of soft light and shadows is soothing. not one thing in the home is a highlighting element and the beauty lies in that as i get to unravel new spatial experiences in and around the house each day. this house is not about any inanimate object used for creating focal highlighting spaces. for me, the hero of the house is the space and this can be only be experienced.

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Area: 4000 sqft built up. Plot area: 9000 sqft.

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