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The Urban Pad- Mumbai

Big things come in small packages. And in this case, extra small.We were entrusted with the task of redefining the spatial quality of a 600 sqft home nestled in the heart of Mumbai. Standing for over two decades, the home required a transformation to accommodate the evolving needs of the family. Stripping it down to its bare structure, we embarked on layering compact zoning solutions. Instead of dedicated spaces for each function, we embraced a multi-functional approach that allows for seamless adaptation throughout the day. Despite working on a shoestring budget, we prioritized the use of reclaimed and local materials without compromising on comfort and usability. The master bedroom shines with a stunning ombre wall created using all the available lime plaster pigments from our studio!

Throughout the process, we stayed true to the ethos of the remarkable residents—a music lover, a sitar player, a seafood chef, a sports enthusiast, and our favorite of all, Lola, the friendly Labrador. With the expertise of residential interior designers in Mumbai, we achieved a harmonious balance between functionality, style, and the unique personalities of the inhabitants.

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