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The Naked House- Bangalore

Every now and then, an architect meets a project that makes him/her pause and think. To question every sinew of design ethos adopted so far and to introspect what’s learned to unravel the unlearned. The Naked House has been one such project.

We were commissioned by a young NRI family to transform their Bangalore home into a simple and minimalist holiday home. Minimalist design has always been a subjective narrative. We wanted to explore what really defines minimalism. By stripping off every pretentious layer, every embellishment, every unwanted facade that shields the need; we unraveled the state of spatial nakedness. A home so distinctly stark and monotonous, and yet a home in every sense. Of a palette devoid of colors, of wood that is in its most bare form, and a naked layout consisting of only the essentials.

Nakedness reveals the brutally honest nature of the design in its purest form, with nothing in disguise. A paradoxical project where one had to maneuver through complexities to deliver the simple. And simple surely has been most satisfying. With the expertise of home interior designers in Bangalore, we achieved a design that embraces the essence of minimalism while creating a serene and functional space. 

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2000 sqft carpet area

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