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The Courtyard House – Allahabad

A home for a leading industrialist family in the uptown area of Auckland Road, Allahabad, envisioned by expert residential interior designers in Mumbai. The design process revolved around the client’s desire for a luxurious home that fulfilled their lifelong aspirations. Considering the extreme climatic factors of the region, our approach incorporated strategic elements to ensure comfort throughout the year. Exaggerated overhangs, dual wall surfaces on the south and west, and large canopies were implemented to combat the dry heat of summers, while ample openings in the east and north were designed to invite the gentle winter light for optimal thermal comfort. Our expertise as residential interior designers in Mumbai ensures a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, resulting in a magnificent home that surpasses expectations while considering the unique climatic challenges of the area.

Project year
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Area: 8200 sqft built up.
Plot area: 12,000 sqft
Nearing completion.

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