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Home Of Whimsical Mélange – Mumbai

A young family sought a home that embraces imperfections and encourages human intervention. The design celebrates textures to be felt, materials true to their appearances, non-static spaces, and vibrant colors. It is a place where the palette of distinct materials creates an eclectic play. The home fosters a sense of freedom for the young kids, encouraging them to be themselves, explore, and engage with their surroundings. It is not a showpiece but designed to grow along with the children, with aging wood, evolving lime colors, weathering concrete, and discolored dyes. This home celebrates imperfections, folly, and a free spirit, providing a dynamic and evolving environment. With the expertise of commercial interior designers in Mumbai, the design creates a unique and inviting space that reflects the family’s values and encourages creativity. 

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2500 sqft carpet area

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