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Home Of Whimsical Mélange – Mumbai

A young family desired to have a home that isn’t dipped in the bucket of perfection. A home that encourages human intervention. Of textures that ought to be felt, of materials that are true to their appearances; of non static spaces and colors. Lots of colors. Where the palette of materials are so distinct but yet when they come together, they create melange of eclectic play. A home where the young kids aren’t cautioned and instead are encouraged to be themselves – to touch, to feel, to move things around, to unravel and to explore.

The home isn’t a showpiece and on the contrary it has been designed to grow alongwith the kids wherein the wood will age, the lime colors will evolve, the concrete will react to weathering changes and the dyes will discolour. A home that celebrates imperfections, folly and free spirit.

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2500 sqft carpet area

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