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“anusmaraṇaṁ – The Reminiscence”- Kochi

A story told about the past by a narrator. Once in a while, an architect embraces the role of a narrator, representing and recreating a dialogue between the past and the present. We were entrusted with the restoration of an ancestral property, a cherished home spanning four generations. It held profound memories for the grandparents and a treasure trove of nostalgia for the younger ones. Surrounded by palm groves and a serene backyard pond, the project carried a strong contextual essence.

Our approach was to honor the bygone era, keeping everything natural and paying homage to its legacy. We explored reclaimed natural wood, revived the traditional lime finish on walls, and adorned the house in colors inspired by handmade tiles. Furniture crafted from cane and fabrics exuded a timeless charm. We repurposed the old, preserved treasured elements, and breathed new life into them. The house beautifully juxtaposes the past with the present, blending the old with the reimagined, all while preserving a singular language – the language of cherished memories the house holds.

Guided by the expertise of interior designers in Kochi, we crafted a narrative that speaks to the heart, merging heritage with contemporary comfort. The result is a harmonious symphony of the past and the present, a tribute to the enduring legacy of this ancestral abode.

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2100 sqft carpet area

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