Location: chain of studios across Bangalore, Mumbai.
Area: 3600 sqft.
Status: Completed/ on-going.
Year: 2018

“SARVA, a yoga studio” is an Indian wellness company aimed at taking yoga to the world.
Our conceptual planning was derived from the 3 key words of the brand –
· Yoga
· Indian
· सर्व
Since SARVA will mostly be an urban contextual studio targeting the urban audience; the challenge foreseen was to create a relevant spatial experience within the urban fabric.
Yoga and bodily chakras are inter- related. Each chakra is denoted by a distinct color. We interpreted those colors with natural materials that are synonymous to the respective colors. We designed a feature wall for all studios. This wall is an interpretation of the 7 chakras and their 7 colors represented by 7 different naturally available materials that are/ have been distinct in Indian architecture over a period of time. In a quest to remain natural and Indian, we set about identifying materials to fit our palette.

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