Location – Bangalore
Built up area – 4000 sqft
Year – 2018
Status – Completed

The client is an exclusive Silk sari brand known for their exclusive patented designs. The client’s objective was to create a retail experience for an invite-only/ selected audience.
“We never wanted to create an everyday showroom wherein the product is thrust onto the customer’s face as soon as one enters the retail space. We, in fact, chose to do the opposite. Since this showroom is for exclusive patented designs, we realized that the customers didn’t really need to be convinced about the product. What we wanted to give the customers was a never felt before retail experience instead of a retail showroom”.
From designing an entire solid surface table that changes form every 6 inches with Travertine marble flowing at par with the lines to creating a tessellating wooden ceiling that converges above the display space as a drop of light; the whole project is an endeavor in pushing the creative boundaries.

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