One fateful morning, at a quaint café in the busy streets of Colaba, the following dialogue took place:

Rahul: “I am terribly troubled by the typical tendencies trending in the Architectural industry. Let’s break those boundaries”

Ojas: “Hmmm… Let us have The Architectural Break!”

Thus was formed, the quite unconventional (metaphorically and literally) the studio of Architecture: studio TAB.

Since then, studio TAB has undertaken an array of works ranging from residential and hospitality to corporate and retail spectrum across 20 cities of India.

TAB is an award-winning multidisciplinary design practice comprising like-minded professionals. Here, design is never the mundane. Here every design process involves unlearning the routine nuances and understanding the project environment at micro and macro levels. The drive is to constantly evolve designs by creating a harmonious melange of the built & unbuilt, form & function, synergy & flair.



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